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DIT America,LLCIntroduction

DIT America, LLC was formed as a solely owned subsidiary of Digital Information Technologies Corporation - an American company which specializes in providing third-party validation.

DIT America, LLC is commited to delivering the best testing services in the US market. This includes optimizing our clients' products and applications and improving them for the US market. The company maintains testing facilities in the US and Japan(Osaka/Yokohama), staffed with skilled and certified software test engineers who offer excellent testing services to clients in both countries. We offer efficient, cost-effective software testing services for the global market.

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We provide both quality assurance and third-party validation, along with Product Testing, Field Testing, Acceptance Testing and User Guide Verification. This high quality of testing in turn allows us to offer our clients the best software they can get. We pride ourselves in being a trusted partner to our clients.

We provide not only software testing but also software development services along with Tracking Logs and Reproduction Testing, upon request by our clients' development teams. Translation and Interpretation Services are also available. Our services help software development teams to produce superior products.